• China's contemporary art ceramics debut in Belgium

    April 12th, the Chinese cultural center in Brussels, Belgium, the Belgian ceramic art lovers to watch the exhibits. Xinhua Beijing April 13 18 Chinese ceramic artists 12 jointly at the Chinese cultural center in the Belgian capital Brussels held the new porcelain & amp; mdash; mdash; China cont...

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  • At present, China's top ceramic exhibition in the United States was held in Phoenix
  • Out of the country to the world
  • 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region
  • The traditional Jun innovation challenges

    Porcelain is one of the five famous kilns in the Song Dynasty porcelain, Chinese traditional porcelain craft of treasures, known as the national treasure, treasure. Is famous for his unique ceramic art, known as Chinese five porcelains of the first. New medium After the founding of the country, Jun...

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  • Chinese ceramic products for the first time in the Moldova market debut
  • Custom made ceramic Commemorative Plate
  • Hunan talent mobility Service Center custom hanging
  • The creation and innovation of traditional pottery

    Black is a species after Yangshao culture pottery excellent Tao. ; black as lacquer, sound like exhausted, as thin as paper, bright as a mirror, as hard as porcelain  reputation, be regarded as  the art of earth and fire, strength and beauty of the Crystal; In 1928, Chinese famous archaeol...

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  • How to define contemporary art
  • China's ancient ceramics: the darling of the global collection
  • Ceramic sanitary ware industry of traditional channels still face terminal
  • Good moral quick Takako porcelain chopsticks tube

    In ancient times, people liked to take some good hope on the above objects, especially washbasin, cups, water jugs, makeup mirror from morning till evening daily life appliance, is to be in decoration, painting, writing and endowed with many happy auspicious meaning. I recently I stroll flea market,...

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  • The porcelain Tomb-sweeping Day Youxing is strong
  • Wu Yue is one of the earliest bronze swords in our country.
  • From the Third Plenary Session of the invisible business opportunities in China's ceramic industry
  • Ceramic is still the first choice for the art collection

    The second session (2013) China Arts and crafts collection annual meeting rdquo; & Japan in beijing. Will be released in the year & ldquo; 2013 Chinese arts and crafts collection annual survey & rdquo;. The use of new forms of media to carry out the national survey, nearly 10000 arts and...

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  • China has gradually become the leader of the spring auction is expected to take the fire
  • The yellow line and yellow spot in ancient porcelain
  • What kind of Jun worthy of collection


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High quality ceramic kiln for customization, xx! Style variety, complete specifications, can be customized according to your needs. In the ceramic cup printed logo, the name of the enterprise, the text memory etc.. High temperature firing, never fade, selection of ceramic cup as a gift is not only p...


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    Often custom country furnishings porcelain, national banquet porcelain, Ambassador gifts porcelain and the state government leaders and life with porcelain, cus...

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    Under the glaze of colorful authentic heritage, with the National Institute of ceramics and industry leading production equipment, raw materials, environmental ...

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    Combination of tradition and fashion, blend of art and technology, colorful color effect, concentrated and vulgar, light and God. Hand drawn and masters, Seiko ...

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    24 hours online customer service for you timely FAQ products non-human defective / damaged shall be returned or replacement, the entire process of high speed, a...

  • One hundred years of legendary contemporary kiln

    Kiln has a long history, forge the legend of a century, has contracted including Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, several generations of state leaders to live with porcelain, repr...

  • Model of porcelain porcelain Mao

    In 1974, XX kiln for Mao Zedong special & amp; quot; Mao porcelain & amp; quot; & amp; quot; white as jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, sound like a thunderbolt & amp; quot; cha...

  • Chinchun kiln fire

    Pottery is made from clay or clay, feldspar, quartz, etc. the mixture, forming, drying, firing and products in general; porcelain is with porcelain clay used to bake the dishes in general; ceramic is ...





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  • Qianlong imperial porcelain Qianlong imperial porcelain

        In the upcoming XXX on the nineteenth of Boutique Auction, a pair of & amp; ldquo; Qianlong year of Qing Dynasty of & amp; rdquo; XXX and a Qing Emperor Qianlong green color...

  • The Qing Dynasty porcelain kiln The Qing Dynasty porcelain kiln

    As the top Chinese development of porcelain, porcelain kiln in Qing Dynasty has been highly sought after collectors. In the upcoming XXX auction, two LED Qing imperial porcelain eye-catching.One of th...

  • Southern Song Dynasty porcelain kiln Southern Song Dynasty porcelain kiln

    2011 spring art auction will be held on Sunday, when 740 treasures in XX auction, including starting price of 500 million yuan of the porcelain kiln. The auction preview will be held on May 6th to 7 o...